The smart and easy way to assess your customers’ credit risk and get the support:

  • creation of new business projects, new markets and new products and services;
  • the identification of suitable partnerships;
  • study, design and implementation of the project for the achievement of financial policy objectives;
  • easy access to credit and submission of applications for obtaining facilities and financial partners for investments.



The Financial Advisory (or Financial Consulting) segment offers consulting services based on a solid financial analytical foundation.

The services offered span a wide variety of topics, such as transaction services, risk management, tax advice, real estate consulting, compliance, and litigation services to name a few, however, financial and accounting skills are always at the heart of the services provided.



We are committed to creating customized investment plans for our clients.  These plans are specifically designed for the rapidly evolving economic environment.

Mihda Capital is your partner for cyclical analysis. It is critical to the growth strategies offered by the financial market and private capital through an in-depth analysis of market data. These patterns reflect repeatable emotional behaviours related to trust and fear that occur in the market at coherent times. Aligning our investments with the direction of the cycle gives us the potential to grow and manage risk in all kinds of market conditions.

This all-round approach is one of the many proprietary strategies that we offer exclusively to our clients, with a systematic and timely approach aimed at finding the best sources of investment, looking for reliable and consolidated partnerships and managing risk capital.



We assist in improving any organization to develop and increase business around the world:

  • comparing different alternatives;
  • facilitate decision-making;
  • reduce operating and capital costs;
  • reduction of consumption and waste of energy;
  • improve continuity and redundancy;
  • increase safety and security;
  • respect the legal aspects;
  • apply rules and regulations;
  • raise awareness of technical developments;
  • improving the organization of the data centre;
  • build clear business cases;
  • writing offers (tenders).